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Jim Canino Dog Training & Boarding Kennel offers obedience training that meets your dog's individual needs. Count on us to devise a training regime based on your pooch's behavioral qualities to give you the perfect pet. 


Often, a busy work schedule, business trips, and vacations prevent you from caring for your dog. Never fear, as Jim Canino Dog Training & Boarding Kennel offers convenient dog boarding so your pet is cared for while you're away. 

Upcoming Event

FEBRUARY 6th at 10 a.m.
New Dog Training Class Seminar - Novice Obedience, on & off-Leash Commands, & Solving Behavioral Problems - Call to Reserve Your Spot


City of LA Department of Animal Services: #09375
The Only Dog Kennel Granted a License in a Residential Area
Recommended by Vets, Groomers, Pet Stores, & the Department of Animal Services, & Others in the Pet Service Community

Who We Are

Jim Canino Dog Training & Boarding Kennel in Sylmar, California, is the only place for obedience training and dog boarding. Our local boarding and training facility is situated in the north end of the San Fernando Valley with plenty of lawn space and trees, and is easily accessible from all major freeways. Give us a call, and you'll see why we're recommended by many area pet service specialists. 

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Contact our dog training facility and boarding kennel, and you'll see why so many in the pet service industry recommend us to their clients.