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Dog Training in Sylmar, CA

Man Teaching Dog To Fetch -  Dog Obedience Training in Sylmar, CA
Our training staff is comprised of two longtime professionals, Jim & Leah Canino. Unlike any other training facility we know of, we hire no "assistant trainers." This assures our clients that they are working with trainers that have years of experience, solid backgrounds in the behavioral sciences, and are not "trainees" learning on the job while working with you and your dog.
Training a dog is a challenge, especially for many first-time dog owners. At Jim Canino Dog Training & Boarding Kennel in Sylmar, California, we make obedience training a breeze for dogs and owners alike. Our goal is to establish a rapport that's built on trust and respect. In this way, both you and your dog will look forward to each training experience.

Each format is designed to increase the understanding between dog & owner and achieve the level of obedience work desired. Your choice depends on the amount of time & work you wish to devote to your dog's education. It is important to the success of the training endeavor that you choose an approach to dog training that fits into your lifestyle and your pocketbook!
Upcoming 8 Week Obedience Class
Beginning January 27th.
Saturday Mornings at 10 am.

Call to enroll (818) 362-0717
  • On and Off Leash Training
  • Solving Behavior Problems
  • Lots of Personal Attention

Group Classes

Group obedience training is an inexpensive and thorough approach to dog training. Our eight-week lessons provide a wonderfully social atmosphere and lessons to teach you and your dog along with other canines and their owners to handle everyday obstacles in public places, parks, the vet, or at home. Lessons include on and off-leash commands and a seminar on solving behavioral problems.

Private Lesson

Work schedules and family obligations can make attending a regular class impractical. For those who cannot commit to a group class, private training may be the way to go. Our private obedience training is available on an individual basis and allows you to work with one trainer. For your convenience, instruction can take place at our facility or in your home, where your pooch feels most comfortable.

In-Kennel Training

In-kennel obedience training is a popular choice among busy dog owners. While your dog visits our clean, modern facility, they can participate in daily training and socialize with other dogs.

This format is easy and convenient for those dog owners who cannot fit dog training into their schedules but wish to experience the joys of a well-trained pet.... Read more
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